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Electrical / Electronic Repairs

Modern cars rely heavily on computers and electronics. This has allowed for great advances in the control of the major components - Engines, Gearboxes, Anti Skid Brakes, Airbag Safety systems etc.

This has added a whole new complexity level to Automotive repairs, In order to diagnose problems in these systems a "Mini Computer" known as a code reader is required. This piece of equipment is plugged into the cars diagnostic port and communicates with the cars on-board computer.


Our Diagnostics /Scan Tool

When a error occurs in a car one of the warning lights on the dashboard is switched on either permanently or while the fault is occurring. This lodges a code that can be downloaded by a Code reader, allowing the technician to know where the fault is. This sounds very simple, but it isn't and requires the Technician to be trained in the subject and then to be able to think outside the square as many of these problems are very complex.

Modern engines are totally controlled by the on-board computer. Sensors send readings through to the computer and in turn the computer supplies the correct amount of fuel and spark timing to make it run. There are generally about 40 sensors involved. These are very reliable, but when one goes wrong the engine can come to a stop. Having said that the computers are very smart and in many cases they can keep the engine going by using approximate setting from its memory, but this leads to poor fuel economy.
Many of the latest computers learn your driving habits and work out how to get the best performance / economy for you personally.

General Electrics.

We can attend to Starter and Alternator problems, Electric window problems and all basic electrical work on site. However if the problem is complex we have an excellent Auto Electrical company that we refer vehicles to.





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