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Lube Servicing

We offer 3 types of lube service which depend on the number of kilometres done since the last service and the type of vehicle.

For older vehicles up to about 2005 we would recommend an oil change at 5 000km and an oil and filter change at 10 000km with a major service at 50 000km. We refer to these 3 services as A, B and C Services respectively.

For the newer vehicles the manufacturers recommend servicing at between 10 000 km and 15 000km, but the service involves the change of the filter every time. They generally have the newer element type of filter which are more expensive.

All our services involving a filter are quoted on our Price Board at the cost of the service plus the cost of the filter. Many of the filters are the same price just under $20, however some of the filters for the newer vehicles can cost up to $70. The quoted price would be the normal cost for a vehicle that takes 15W40 oil.
We run a reminder system on our computer for all servicing options. You will get a note in the post when the set date comes up. As the computer doesn't know how much driving you have done, this is really a reminder to check the sticker in the windscreen to see if its due - its so easy to forget to check regularly!

We proudly use and recommend Valvoline oils and Filters.
  Service Type
Service Item A B C
Change Engine oil
Check & Clean Air Filter (supply new one at extra cost if necessary)
Check tyre pressures of all tyres – Including Spare Wheel
Check tyre condition and Report on Wheel Alignment
Check Battery electrical condition and water level
Check level and condition of Brake Fluid
Check brake lining thickness if they are visible without dismantling
Check Level of Power Steering Fluid
Check level of Transmission fluid
Check all Light Bulbs function
Refill windscreen washer bottle and add Special soap
Provide Preventative Maintenance Report
Change Engine oil filter  
Put Wynns Injector Clean in tank  
Dismantle all brakes and physically check for condition    
Drain all differentials and refill with new oil    
Scan vehicles on-board computer for Error Codes & Report    
Perform Wheel Alignment    
Change Spark Plugs    
Change Air Filter    
Change Fuel Filter    
Check Oxygen Sensor and Report    
Change Pollen / Cabin filter    

For Price of Servicing see Price board

We recommend using Wynns  Flush treatment on all B and C services and advise that it is absolutely essential when a service is overdue. This product loosens dirt in the engine and gets it to all flow out with the used oil. It always results in a much cleaner engine internally.





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