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The Detail

A warrant of Fitness inspection is a safety inspection and not an inspection of the whole cars operating systems. e.g. the engine, gearbox and drive train functionality is not checked, only the safety aspects of those items. A WOF should never be confused with a vehicle pre-purchase inspection as there are many vehicle reliability aspects that are not checked.

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We also carry out Pre-purchase inspections, please have a look at what it comprises and ask us if you have any special requests that you would like looked at.


We will always try to speak to our customers about the outcome of their WOF inspection. However if we have missed you and you would like to talk about it we are always happy to explain our findings. We will normally give you an estimate for repairs if necessary. We never practice “hard sell”, rather giving our customers all the information necessarily and giving them the decision as to how the repairs are done.

When we carry out a WOF we will also give you a FREE Preventative Maintenance Report on the condition of the Servicing of your Car. This report is comprehensive and is nothing to do with the WOF. All items on the report are good industry practice servicing and our advice on what needs to be attended to. NONE of it has to be done. If you would like items attended to we are more than happy to do them for you. If your Car has failed its WOF and we are repairing it for you we can normally attend to these items at the same time.

We run a reminder system on our computer and will send you a note about 3 weeks before it is due. Provided that you come in anywhere in the 2 weeks before it expires, we are able to issue the WOF as though you came in on the due date (you lose no time). This takes the pressure off both of us if something needs attending to. If you don't come in and we notice that your car has no WOF we will give you a call to remind you - we would rather you didn't get pulled up by the authorities!

Our charge for a WOF can be found on our Price Board.


Land Transport Manuals 

If you wish to check the Land Transport New Zealand (LTNZ) Vehicle Inspection Requirements Manual (VIRM) the individual Chapters are listed below
1) Vehicle Identification - Types of light vehicle 8)  Brakes                        - Everything to do with Brakes
2) Vehicle exterior         - Concerns Bull Bars, Winches etc. 9) Steering & Suspension  - Steering & Suspension components
3) Vehicle Structure       - Details about Rust and modifications to
                                     the Body
10) Tyres, Wheels & Hubs - Tyre Specs. Bearings etc.
4) Lighting                   - Everything to do with all vehicle lights 11) Exhausts                    - Exhaust, Catalytic converter etc.
5) Vision                      - All Vehicle Windows 12) Towing connections     - Tow bars
6) Entrance & Exit        - Doors, Door Locks & Hinges, Rust specs. 13) Miscellaneous items     - Engines, Transmission, Fuel
                                         Systems, LPG
7) Vehicle Interior        - Seatbelts, Seats, Rust around doors, Air
                                    Bags, Speedo, Internal Impact

 The Complete Manual can be downloaded here (Link to VIRM file 23Mb)






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