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Coolant Flush and Change

The fluid in your radiator is NOT just water; it is a mixture of chemicals that have the following functions:-

  • It stops the engine from freezing in very cold conditions (hence the name Antifreeze)

  • It increases the temperature that the engine will boil at in hot conditions

  • It stops the engine from rusting internally

  • It lubricates the Water pump

  • It stops electrolysis from happening in you cooling system. Electrolysis is when electrical currents are conducted by the coolant and results in some metals in your engine being eaten away – typically the water pump and Radiator. If this happens the engine is unable to pump the coolant around or cool the engine which can then overheat and destroy the cylinder head. Generally between $2000 and $4000 to replace.

We test the fluid every time your car has a WOF or Service and report the result to you on the
The cost of this service is on our Price Board.

How the Coolant is tested



A sample of coolant is drawn up in a hydrometer which has a number of small coloured balls in it. The more balls that float the better the concentration of the Antifreeze component of the fluid.
radiator 2(copy)
Electrolysis meter 350


An electronic tester is then put into the top of the radiator and the headlights and fan are turned on. The reading on the meter should not go above 0.2. If it does unacceptable electrolysis is occurring.

This fluid is in excellent condition 

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We use Wynns Specialist Flushes and treatments in all our servicing.

What we do and Why                                              

If the engine is rusty a flush solution is added to the coolant and left to clean up the inside of the engine. Our Coolant Flush Machine is then plumbed into the cooling system as shown in the Photo. New coolant is then forced into the system buy one of the connections and the old fluid is taken out by another hose. We pump 8 litres of new fluid though the system to ensure that all the coolant has been changed.
Finally a fluid conditioner is added which ensures that if a small leak develops in the future it will self-seal.
In the interests of the environment, all old coolant is collected and recycled on site.




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