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Tyre Sales and Service

Tyre Life
Car tyres will operate best and last longest if they are inflated to the recommended pressure and the car's Wheel Alignment is correctly set.


Tyre Pressure – This is normally in the region of 28 – 32PSI for most modern cars. Light commercials and trailers can have recommended pressures of up to 60 PSI.

Wheel Alignment – This is a critical setting and can be easily bent out of place by hitting a curb or pothole. Please See our Wheel Alignment section.


Sales and Services

Gleniti Auto stocks two grades of tyres. A premium tyre grade and a Standard (or budget) grade.
All our tyres are certified for use on New Zealand roads and are completely safe. The difference comes in the life expectancy.

The Premium tyre brand we have in stock are GT Radials and our standard grade tyres vary in brand, depending on price and availability. As there are so many different sizes, please ask for a quote. If you need more than 1 tyre, we can quite often get a better price from our suppliers.

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All prices we quote are for tyres, fitted and balanced and returned onto your car, including GST – there are no extras The price we say is the price you pay – no disposal levies or the likes.

We can also repair a puncture in either a Tubeless tyre or a  tyre fitted with a tube. The price is available on our Price Board.

Tyre Balancing Machine Small

Tyre Changing Machine 380

We have invested in a modern machine for fitting low profile tyres on alloy rims up to 22 inch. This machine will not damage your alloy rims as the removal head is made from nylon. We also have a modern digital wheel balancing machine to ensure that all tyres are balanced precisely.

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