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Car / 4x4 Transporter

IMPORTANT. Due to Insurance requirements we are only able to hire our trailers to customers with a FULL Drivers Licence. If this is not possible we would require a deposit.


Car Transporter Trailer / Large general goods mover


This trailer can be set up in 2 configurations


1) As a heavy duty trailer for moving cars and SUV’s.

It is ESSENTIAL that only large (V6 or V8) cars, large SUV's or 4x4's are used to tow this trailer when loaded. Any smaller vehicle is likely to get into trouble with the trailer being heavier than the car and causing and accident.

The trailer tips  to allow the vehicle to be loaded and unloaded. It is fitted with dampeners to slow the movement to and from the horizontal position when loading or unloading. A winch is provided to help with loading.

Car Transporter

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Important Notice to Hirer's

This trailer is able to take heavy loads, however this has to be towed by a suitable vehicle. You cannot load the trailer with a heavy 4X4 and then tow it with a light ute as the weight behind will be more than the weight of the towing vehicle. Under these circumstances the trailer can get a tail wobble which can destabilzie the towing vehicle and can quickly become very dangerous. If in Doubt please ask us for guidance, but ultimately it is the hirers responsibility to operate it safely.

In Loading position

Load platform Dimensions

Width                                  1.94m
Length                                 3.65m
Min track width of ramp        0.9m
Weight limit                       2000kg




2) As a Large general goods mover.

It can be fitted with mesh sides 0.6m high to allow bulky goods to be moved. The ramps can be put down and the rear of the cage removed to allow for easy access and loading.

Car Trailer General Goods Small

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