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Car Deodorising


Does your car have a strange smell, smokers smell or had something spilt in it?
Using a Wynns product in an ultrasonic machine we can remove the smell and leave the car smelling like a new car. The process takes about 1 hour and is very effective.

There are 2 options or a combination of both.
  • Strange smells can come from bacterial growth in the air-conditioning system or from a spill on the upholstery or carpets. The process we use is designed to kill those bacteria and render them harmless and stop the smell from being created. The process uses an ultrasonic machine that produces a fog in the car which kills the bacteria and then an ozone generator neutralises what is left.
  • If you just have a lingering smell of smoke or something similar, this can be neutralised by a similar product that neutralises the smell and leaves the car smelling like a new car.
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