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General Repairs

We can undertake any repairs to any Make or Model of car, 4x4, Ute, light truck, caravan or trailer. Whether your breakdown is a simple light bulb right up to a major engine overhaul we are competent to repair it for you.

At Gleniti Auto we believe that customer communication is of paramount importance as we never want there to be a bill which you didn’t expect. We will always ask for your contact phone number where you can be reached during the day, so in the event of an unexpected problem arising, we can speak to you and confirm that you want us to go ahead before we undertake any extra work that may be required.
When estimating for a job, we prefer to price it up properly rather than having a guess at the cost, again so there are no surprises at the end of the job.


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Examples of work we undertake regularly are:-

Brake system repairs. We are able to completely overhaul braking systems – from changing disc pads or shoes to machining rotors and drum. Read More ( Link to Brake system repairs)

Changing Cambelts (Timing belts). The cost of this varies dramatically between the makes and models and can be anywhere from about $400 up to $1400. Most sit between from $500 and $800. Read More (Link to Cam Belts)

Cabin heating systems. These can sometimes start leaking coolant fluid onto the carpets of your car. Depending on the make and model this can be a serious problem as the whole dashboard has to be removed to get the heating element out. Please ask us for an estimate.

Clutch repairs. We can repair these for you if the clutch starts to slip. We will always have the flywheel resurfaced and replace the pressure plate at the same time to ensure a good job that will last a long time. If shortcuts like not resurfacing  the flywheel are taken the Clutch manufacturer will not honour the warranty.

CV joints and boots. CV joints generally last very well on modern cars providing the CV rubber boot does not break and allow the grease out and dirt in. We have a special tool that allows us to stretch a boot over the CV joint, which saves time and the damage which can sometimes occur if a CV shaft doesn’t want to come apart.

Deodorizing the interior if it smells of smoke or has had something spilt inside – Read more (link to Car deodorising).

Differential repairs. Replacement of bearings and Crown Wheel and Pinion.

Engine Overhauls. If your car has blown a cylinder head gasket or cracked the cylinder head, it is worth repairing that engine. If however there is damage to the pistons, crankshaft or other major problem the cheapest solution may be to replace the whole engine with a second hand engine. Please ask us if you have a serious problem and we will suggest which option is best for you.

Exhausts. We can replace the muffler or exhaust pipe or weld them up if they are not too perished.

Electrical repairs.  If your car is difficult to or has other electrical faults, our technicians have the tools, test gear and knowledge to repair electrical faults. We regularly repair Starters, Alternators, Engine electronic, ABS and Airbag faults. Read More (Link to electronic diagnostics)

Gearbox repairs. Manual gearboxes are repaired by us, while Automatic transmissions are removed from the car and sent to a specialist.

Oxygen Sensor replacement. An oxygen sensor fault can cause your car to use significantly more fuel when the sensor goes wrong, without necessarily making the car feel different to drive. Let us check it for you with or specialist equipment. Read more ( link to Oxygen sensor replacement)

Suspension systems. Replacement of Shock absorbers, mounting bushes etc.

Tyre Replacement or RepairWe supply very competitively priced tyres – generally very similar to the big tyre discounters, with the added advantage that you don’t have to drive all the way to the discounter.. We are very happy to provide you with a quote. We can also repair your puncture and balance your wheels. Read More (Link to Tyres)





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