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Battery Health Check

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Health Check

Batteries generally last about 5 – 7 years and are prone to letting you down at the most inconvenient time. We have a special tester which checks the health of the battery to let you know before it fails whether it is likely to do so within the next few months. It is a good idea to change the battery right away at this stage.

A car battery is made up of lead plates immersed in a strong acid. Over time the acid eats the plates and causes some of the lead to fall off them and collect at the bottom of the battery. Eventually there is so much loose material at the bottom of the battery that it shorts out the plates and causes the battery to suddenly fail.
In addition the plates become so deteriorated that they can’t hold charge anymore.
We stock the very reliable Centuary Battery range at the same price that you can buy them from Century batteries direct.
Not all batteries are created equal and a cheap battery may not last long!

Identifying which type of battery you need can be complicated so please ask us for a price.

Battery Charging

We are able to charge any type of car battery, including the latest Calcium batteries. These batteries need a 7 stage charger to recharge them if they go completely flat. If you attempt to charge these batteries with a standard charger they will not take a charge. Don’t think your battery is dead, it may not be – bring it to us - we will check it and attempt to charge it for you.
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We proudly supply and fit Century Batteries





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