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Wheel Alignment

The alignment of the 4 wheels of a car is very important for a number of reasons

  • Tyre life is greatly improved if the tyres are aligned and Not Fighting each other for the direction they want to go

  • Fuel consumption is reduced as it is easier to push the car down the road

  • The car will go straight down the road instead of pulling to one side or the other.


Wheel alignment is a very fine setting that easily gets moved if a car hits an obstacle in the road such as a pothole or kerb. The amount of movement can be as little as a couple of millimetres to make the alignment completely out.
The cost of a wheel alignment is on our Price Board

Wheel Alignment Screen Shot 330

Screen shot showing Tow-in out of Spec.



What we Do                                                                           

The car is put on a hoist which is set up with a computerised Laser alignment machine. Laser cameras are attached to the wheels. The car is moved backwards and forwards and then the steering from side to side. This allows the computer to work out where the wheels are pointing and to provide the above image so that they can be correctly aligned.
Ideally the yellow arrows will point to the centre black mark in the middle or the green bar. As you can see from the above screen shot the tow in on this car was well out of alignment. We always try to get the alignment as precise as possible which does take a little more time. Not all workshops put this effort in and one of the big tyre discount companies just leaves it if it is anywhere in the green bar.

Wheel alignment head  on Wheel 330

Wheel Alignment Laser Camera mounted on wheel


Some cars don’t have adjustments for all the specifications we measure. In these cases we are not able to make adjustments for those particular settings.


Car fully fitted with Wheel Alignment equipment

Car Fitted with Wheel Alignment gear Small

Adjusted Wheel Alignment Small

Adjusting the Tow in on the rear wheel


Adjusting Wheel Alignment on Front Wheels

Adjusting Wheel Alignment Front Small




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